Less and less people in Atlanta are carrying cash these days; Waffle House even accepts credit and debit cards. But, it’s not enough to JUST accept these forms of payment, you must be able to count on your credit card processing provider to help keep your costs low and transaction time quick. With the new legislation in congress and the increasing pressure to raise rates by the issuing banks, you want and need someone on YOUR side. That’s AllianceEFT.

AllianceEFT is the credit card processing provider in Atlanta that can do that for you. Not only do we offer personalized service and training, we also guarantee that we have, and more importantly, will maintain, the best prices out there.

Leave the horror stories about difficult to understand statements, unexpected fees, and complicated rate tables behind.

AllianceEFT will make sure that you understand what your statement means, what fees to expect, and ensure that you understand the true cost of accepting credit cards at your business in Atlanta. We can provide fuel cards, fleet cards, and processing equipment (including wireless terminals, internet gateways, and shopping carts) in addition to EBT, Check21, and ACH support and service. Want an app on your smart phone that takes payments? AllianceEFT has that too.